Why do ad agencies need storyboards?


Storyboards are a means to communicate. A professional storyboard artist can translate that brilliant idea you have for a commercial to your client. The clearer a storyboard is, the better it communicates. The better it communicates, the more money you save in the long run.

Why would you hire a freelance storyboard artist? Not everyone can make a decent storyboard. You have to know a fair bit of film making and have the ability to draw well. Also, a storyboard artist is a trained storyteller and can give that extra punch to your project. Even though Bart from accounting can do a fair bit of drawing, if the client doesn’t understand what you’re about to do, you will lose the sale.

How can you justify the extra cost of hiring a freelance storyboard artist? You actually save money. The storyboard artist draws out your idea and can make it easily into an animatic. An animatic is a moving storyboard. Even sound can be added to make the experience better. Your client can now visualise your idea and give comments. This way the client will feel more involved in the project. Corrections can easily be made and before you start the expensive shoot, your client will know what to expect.

How long does it take to finish a storyboard? Or an animatic? This is the good bit. Depending on the length of your project and the complexity you can have your storyboard ready the next day. Call or e-mail PARTOON EMPIRE and we get it done!

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