2D Animation, Animation, Character design

I animated a couple of commercials for BOSTOEN. Production: SABOUGE, Agency: Vandekerckhove&Devos

The concept of the next clips is a gameshow with two houses as candidates. They both claim to be energy efficient houses but which one is the real one?

Tochtdichtheid; The house on the left has a bit more difficulties keeping the air inside.

The house on the left has a bit more trouble with the summer heat…

The left house has serious troubles during the cold winter!

The left house spills Energy like mad!

Let’s see which house can get more funding!


2D Animation, Animation

A commercial for Bostoen. We see an old house, wasting a lot of energy and it gets kicked out of the screen by a new, passive house that doesn’t spill energy at all. More and more of those houses pop up etc…Took me 7 days to finish. 3 days of designing and storyboarding and 4 days of animation in Toon Boom animate. Copyright Sabouge.