It happens to every parent in the world. Your kid wakes up in the middle of the night – screaming his lungs out. You’re panicking and your imagination goes wild…Did he/she hurt him/herself? What happened to my kid?

Animated in Storyboard Pro. I put my little boy behind the mic for some good screaming.

The idea is based on a real experience. It happened one time that he woke us up – screaming – just to tell us about a Maya the Bee episode. ‘Willy is stuck in the bottle daddy! And Maya has to save him.” But recently he’s been dropping his pants doing the bubble butt dance.


Background design, Character design, Storyboard

I designed the characters and sets and did the storyboarding for this shiny commercial.

Concept: Trow a massive surprise party for a humble unknown Belgian to celebrate the 3 year anniversary of radio station JOEfm

Fantastic AD and post production by Jan Daghelinckx, awesome 3d animation by Bram Van Rompaey and Reinout Swinnen

Produced by SABOUGE

Here is the animatic I did for the project. As you can see some changes were made during the production.